Ajwain Seed 100g


Ajwain or carom seeds are widely used in sub continental cooking. They’re slightly green to brown in color and have a bitter taste. Carom seeds look similar to cumin seeds, but their taste and aroma are closer to that of thyme. Ajwain has excellent medicinal properties and therefore is widely used in herbal and ayurvedic medicines.

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  1. Ajwain helps combat bacterial and viral infection
  2. Ajwain helps reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  3. Thymol in ajwain helps combat high blood pressure
  4. In ayurvedic medicine, ajwain is widely used for stomach related issues
  5. Ajwain is also helpful in relieving respiratory issues in both young and adults
  6. Carom helps with coughing and other congestion issues of the throat
  7. Ajwain has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body


Ajwain is considered safe for most people. However, the seeds are unsafe for pregnant women as they have been associated with harmful effects on fetuses.

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